English language teaching programs of the Faculty of Applied Sciences begin with an intensive course in English which is conducted before the commencement of the academic year for the first-year students. The duration of the course is decided by the faculty depending on the time of enrolment of the students. After that, in the first-year first semester, a non-credit compulsory foundation course in English for Science is conducted for all the students. They should obtain at least a grade of “C” to be eligible for awarding the degree. The course is aimed at recapping the students’ knowledge of language structure; improving reading, writing, listening, & speaking skills; developing science vocabulary; and helping the students to comprehend science discourse in the English medium. During the second semester of the 1st academic year, an ongoing course in English is conducted on a remedial basis at present. Steps are underway to replace this course with a two-credit optional course in Academic Writing.

In the second academic year, the faculty DELT center offers a course in English for Professional Purposes. This course is offered as an Inter Disciplinary Course (IDC), and it bears the weight of 02 credits. The credit value of this course is used in computation of GPA depending on the study programme. The course is aimed at improving the language skills of the students in order to prepare them to work in an English using work environment, inside and outside the faculty. Assessment is done both summatively and formatively including the online mode, and an additional certificate is given to those who successfully complete the course.