The Department of English Language Teaching (DELT) of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities extends its services to the undergraduates of the six faculties of the university, community outside the university and the external and the post-graduate study programmes of the university. The DELT serves the six faculties by way of conducting the intensive English programmes, the ongoing credit and non-credit English language improvement programmes, Business Communication programme, Communication and Professional Development programme and the Diploma in English (Internal) programme.
The English Language Teaching Unit started in 1996 was upgraded to a Department under the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities in June 2017 and as the first Head of the Department of English Language Teaching, I am indeed happy to note that the Department has taken initiatives to upgrade its services using the latest technology and by adopting proper management techniques in ELT. Apart from the internal students, the Advanced Certificate in English (Extension) Programme started in 1999 and the Diploma in English (Extension) Programme started in 2001 have been able to serve more than 10000 external students. The qualified and the dedicated staff members of the DELT have immensely contributed to the achievements of the department.
In keeping with the vision and the mission of the DELT, we have been able to improve the students’ interest and the quality of learning English using sophisticated English language learning software programmes, CDs, DVDs and the activity books available in the English Language Laboratory.
The DELT has already understood the global and the local trends of ESL developments that promote job market prospects and initiatives for higher studies of the undergraduates. In keeping with the demands of the students and the stakeholders, the DELT has initiated to launch the Internal and the External degree programmes.
Since IT sector has been able to create a borderless global community, I strongly believe the web-site of the DELT would serve as a platform of information of English language and the programmes available as an information gate. Hence, my heartiest congratulations should go to the web-designing committee for their efforts.

R.M. Dhanapala