About Us

The Department of Humanities is one of the first departments in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities as well as in the history of Rajarata University of Sri Lanka when it was established in 1995. During this 27 years-long period.It consisted of many subjects and Degree Programs in the inception of the University and then many new Departments were formed within the Department of Humanities. Prof. K.D. Paranavithana, a world famous intellectual was the first Head of the Department of Humanities. At present, the department offers Bachelor Arts (BA) and two honors degrees – B.A. (Honors) in History and B.A. (Honors) in Mass Communications. The main purpose of the Department is contribution of humanities education
for the sustainable development in the 21 st century. The degree programs are job oriented and can solve problems related to un-employability in country as the curriculum includes practical components in each subject.


Achieving an efficient professional and superior humanity through an effective educational process derived from an affluent communication system through great historical heritage.


The Department of Humanities has strengthened the vision, mission and objectives of Rajarata university of Sri Lanka and the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, empowering the Department of Humanities to achieving an efficient professional and superior humanity through Historical Heritage and effective communication systems and developing educational process by designing and implanting with national and international perspectives on sustainable development aspirations. Act in accordance with policy conventions required to obtain.