Media Laboratory

Media laboratory in the faculty of social sciences and humanities was established in 2015 under the HETC – IDAS project to develop practical skills of the Mass communication students. At present, the Media laboratory is functioning under the guidance of the department of humanities. Practical proficiency is highly required to achieve success in the Mass media industry. To fulfil that requirement, the department of humanities has taken many development steps over the years. Present Mass communication syllabus consists of many practical subjects. Most of These subjects are designed to develop the practical skills of the student and allocate more practical hours and assessments to evaluate the skills of the student. The media lab consists of several sections. Namely, the main hall area, the Audio recording room, and the entrance lobby area. The main hall area is dedicated to conducting video and photography activities. The recording room is dedicated to performing audio recording activities. One of the sidewalls is set up with a giant green screen to conduct Television news presentation activities. The media lab is equipped with a DSLR camera, light system, video camera, microphones, and audio mixers….etc. All this equipment is utilized for practical purposes.