The Third Undergraduate Research Symposium – 2023 organized by the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of Rajarata University of Sri Lanka is a golden opportunity for undergraduate researchers to share their knowledge, experiences, and outcomes of research, and contribute to disseminate valuable, innovative findings to a well-read audience. The Undergraduate Research Symposium consists of verbal presentation sessions (Hybrid mode – Physical or Online) by students from any University in Sri Lanka. All submitted abstracts will be reviewed by a panel of experts.


The aim of the symposium is to enhance research culture among undergraduates of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka.


‘Exploring Knowledge and Skills in Multidisciplinary Research’

Main Tracks: Abstracts are invited on the tracks outlined below

  • Archaeology & Heritage Management
  • Communication & Media Society
  • Economics & Management
  • Education & Learning
  • English Language Teaching
  • Environmental Management & Water Resources Management
  • History & Culture
  • Information Systems & Management
  • Linguistics & Language Studies
  • Society & Culture
  • Tourism Management

Guidelines for Students

  • The candidate should be an undergraduate student of any University in Sri Lanka
  • All abstracts will be peer-reviewed and accepted or rejected by the editorial board under the recommendation of the reviewer’s comments.
  • The principal author is expected to present the paper at the research symposium.

Oral Presentation Guidelines

All the authors should present their research using MS PowerPoint. Details of the presentations are as follows:

  • Duration of the presentation: 10 minutes
  • Question time: 03 to 05 minutes

Abstract Templates and Guidelines

Authors are required to submit an abstract prepared according to the following guidelines. The abstract must be written in one paragraph. The abstract must summarize the key points of the manuscript in 200 to 350 words. Abstract title should be limited to 20 words in UPPER CASE, Times New Roman, 12Pt, Bold. The abstract should specifically contain an Introduction, Problem Statement, Objective, Methodology, Results and Discussion, and Conclusion of the study. The abstract must be written in clear English/Sinhala using accurate grammar and Times New Roman /FM Abaya, 12Pt


The selected abstracts will be published in the symposium proceedings.

1. Boards & Committees


Prof. Sanjeewani Ginigaddara – The Vice Chancellor of RUSL

Advisory Board

  • Prof. D Thusitha Mendis – Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities
  • Prof. PBN Abeywardhana – Head / Dept. of Archaeology & Heritage Management
  • Mr. DA Wehella – Head/ Dept. of English Language Teaching
  • Prof. Manjula Ranagalage – Head /Dept. of Environmental Management
  • Prof. SKN Gamage – Head / Dept. of Economics
  • Prof. MKL Irangani – Head /Dept. of Humanities
  • Ven. Prof. O. Chandasiri Thero – Head/ Dept. of Languages
  • Prof. EMS Ekanayake – Head/ Dept. of Social Sciences
  • Mrs. LNABM Nissanka – Head/ Dept. of Information Technology
  • Prof. IR Prasanna – Professor

Organizing Committee

  • Conference Chair: Mr.WMSB Wanninayake
  • Conference Secretary: Mrs. Nirangani Ranasinghe
  • Treasurer: Mr. HGKN Bandara

Department Coordinators:

  • Mr. SM Adhipaththu – Dept. of Archaeology and Heritage Management
  • Mr. HGKN Bandara – Dept. of Economics
  • Ms. RMLC Kumari – Dept. of English Language Teaching
  • Ms. HUK Dilanjali – Dept. of Environmental Management
  • Mrs. WALP Dilhara – Dept. of Humanities
  • Mr. MDCJ Gunathilake – Dept. of Information Technology
  • Dr. MGN Dayananda – Dept. of Languages
  • Mr. KGAP Siriwardhana – Dept. of Social Sciences

Editorial Board:

  • Prof. Chandana Rohana Withanachchi – Professor
  • Prof. SWGK Bulankuama – Professor
  • Prof. DSW Gunawardhana – Professor
  • Prof. DMWK Dissanayake – Professor
  • Prof. BMS Bandara – Professor
  • Dr. DMSLB Dissanayake
  • Dr. RM Dhanapala
  • Mrs. LNABM Nissanka
  • Mrs. STHP Samarasinghe
  • Mrs. PNND Dayarathne

Other Committees

1. Publication Committee

  • Prof. SWGK Bulankulama (Committee Coordinator)
  • Mr. NSK Herath
  • Mr. TMDUK Dissanayake
  • Ms. H.U.K. Dilanjani
  • Rev. P. Wineetha Thero
  • Mr. M.D.C.J. Gunathilaka
  • Mr. G.B.P. Chandrarathne
  • Rev. G. Vipula

II. Media & Web Committee

  • Dr. Nandana Millagala (Committee Coordinator)
  • Prof. WKD Keerthirathne
  • Ms. Sharanjah Amirthalingam
  • Mr. M.D.C.J. Gunathilaka
  • H. Pathum Niwantha
  • Mr. G.B.P. Chandrarathne
  • Mr. W. S. N. Siriwardana

III. Event Organizing & Decoration Committee

  • Mr. Chandima Ambanwala (Committee Coordinator)
  • Mr. MAP Kumara
  • Mr. HGC Sampath
  • Mr. J.M.I.R.K. Jayasekara
  • Mr. S.M. Adhipaththu
  • Mr. W. S.N. Siriwardana
  • Mr. H. Pathum Niwantha
  • Ms. P.D. Wickramage
  • Ms. H.U.K. Dilanjani
  • Ms. G.W.S.K. Gunarathna
  • Ms. A.L.W.M. Perera
  • Ms. Saranjah Amirthalingam

IV. IT Committee

  • Mrs. LNABM Nissanka (Committee Coordinator)
  • Dr. T.B. Wijeypala
  • Mrs. R.A.N.N.Ranasinghe
  • Ms. Saranjah Amirthalingam
  • M.D.C.J. Gunathilaka
  • Mr. Jayantha Mallikarathne
  • Mr. HMCR Abeyrathne
  • Mr. Tharuka
  • Mr. Epa Dhananjaya

V. Refreshment Committee

  • Prof. TGA Thalawatta (Committee Coordinator)
  • Dr. SAU Niranjala
  • Mr. MAP Kumara
  • Ms.N.G.I.M. Wickramasinghe
  • Mr. J.M.I.R.K. Jayasekara
  • Ms.R.M.I.G.D.K. Rathnayake
  • Ms. W.D. Lilani Harshani

Important dates for Third Undergraduate Research Symposium 2023

  • Symposium date: 18/10/2023
  • Call for abstracts: 26/06/2023
  • Deadline for submission: 26/07/2023 : 10/08/2023
  • Notification of acceptance: 15/08/2023
  • Submission of revised abstracts: 01/09/2023
  • Registration date: 15/09/2023

Contact details

Mr.WMSB Wanninayake
Conference chair

Department of Environmental Management
Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities
Rajarata University of Sri Lanka
Contact: 0718159069

Mrs. Nirangani Ranasinghe
Conference Secretary

Department of Information Technology
Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities
Rajarata University of Sri Lanka
Contact: 0714708863


Activities conducted in parallel with the Symposium – URSSSH 2023

The organizing committee of the symposium has planned to conduct two webinar sessions prior to the symposium for university undergraduates aiming to develop their knowledge on conducting researches, paper publishing and overall research career advancement

Webinar Session 01
Date: 16th October 2023
Topic: How to develop the research career?
Resource Person: Dr. Lalith Senarathna Director, Staff Development Centre Rajarata University of Sri Lanka Mihinthale

Webinar Session 02
Date: 17th October 2023
Topic: Role of the university to promoting undergraduate research
Resource Person: Dr. Prageeth Weerathunga Senior Lecturer, Department of Accounting and Finance, Faculty of Management Studies, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka.


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