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Welcome to the Department of Economics

The Department of Economics is one of the recently established and most possibly the most popular departments in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities with nearly 400 undergraduates.

The vision of the Department is to be a Centre of excellence in higher education, research, and dissemination of Knowledge in the field of economics and The Mission is to produce self-reliance graduates, who can critically think and make independent analysis in issues of regional and national economies of the country, and generate new knowledge in the field of economics as well as disseminate it to a wider audience. 

The Department offers two bachelor’s degree programs – BA (General) Degree and BA (Special) Degree – in Economics. These two-degree programs have been offered by the Department of Social Sciences since 1996, and thus those are among the first degree programs offered by the Faculty. At present, over 200 undergraduates each year choose both bachelor’s degrees in Economics. The Department provides students an opportunity to specialize in several branches of Economics such as Agriculture and Environmental Economics, Industrial Economics, Development Economics, Demographics and Labor Economics, International Economics, Statistics, Business Economics, etc… During a short time, the department has developed its academic, research, physical, and infrastructural facilities to well match with the world standards. The Department has already designed two Postgraduate Degree Programs in Economics and Development Studies. At present department has 9 permanent academic staff, of them 5 holds Ph.D. level qualifications. With highly qualified academic staff, the department also aims to contribute to the national development of the country by generating new knowledge and contributing to public policy discussions in Sri Lanka.

Department News

Head of the Department

Prof. S.K Naradda Gamage, 

Ph.D., MSSc (Economics), BA

Department of Economics