Econometric Laboratory

The operation of the laboratory focuses on the formation of research potential based on the application of modern econometric methods in the study of current economic problems. The Econometric Laboratory at the Department of Economics, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, is to facilitate undergraduates provide facilities for Econometrics analysis of the undergraduates who are in both Special and General degree programme. 

In addition to this broader objective, the Econometric Laboratory focuses on the following objectives.

  • To provide an advanced network of computerized workplace equipped with specialized software and databases that assist in the development of scientific research and practical training in the Faculty. 
  • To provide opportunities for undergraduates to enhance their computer-based econometrics analysis.
  • To provide direct access to the National and International databases.
  • To provide practical experience in survey data analysis.
  • To provide an opportunity for Citation manager software, plagiarism check software for improving the quality of undergraduate research activities. 


  1. Workshop on Methods of Survey Research and survey data analysis using SPSS
  2. Short course on Applied Econometrics: Practical Approach using E-Views software.”